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The #1 Cougar Finder Mistake you need to Avoid

There are lots of guys who think that they are the world’s greatest cougar finder. I don’t mean to burst their bubble. I don’t mean to destroy their personal illusions. Everybody’s entitled to their own personal fantasies. Hey, it’s a free world.

However, if you were to look at those guys from a purely objective perspective and you were going to measure their level of performance and success from a purely objective perspective, chances are most of them are failing. In fact, most of them are losers. I don’t mean to sound judgmental. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but that’s just the reality of the game.

If you want to consider yourself a true blue, bona fide cougar finder, you just need visit LOCALCOUGARS.ORG and try to pay attention to one key mistake. If you are able to avoid this mistake, you are definitely well on our way to being a real pimp of older women who are constantly on the lookout for younger guys. In other words, you can definitely be a real cougar finder.

So, what is this #1 mistake that you need to avoid? It’s very simple. Avoid the sense of entitlement. Just because you’re a younger guy and you can get hard at the drop of a hat doesn’t necessarily mean that all these older horny women will want to jump on your dick.

You have to still remember that standards are still in effect. If younger women think you’re a slob, chances are these older women will also think you’re a slob and unattractive. Do you see how that works? Just because you’re young doesn’t necessarily mean that you should feel entitled that you would be getting all these older pussy.